06 July 2013

Life on the floodplains of Kismaros

I did not know about this workshop in Kismaros, until Szilveszter Aradi sent me an e-mail that they had finished with this nature film. The Mátyásfa Environment Protection Association together with the Kisduna Newspaper made a 20 minute long film on the nature and species of the Kismaros floodpalins. The shooting started in February and lasted until May, so they have captured aspects of three seasons. I am quite happy about mentioning my name in this film, because the creators used some of my maps and aerial photographs previously published on the blog. It may help the audience knowing their way around.

03 July 2013

1956 - War against the Danube

The Hungarian People’s Army takes the main role in this half propaganda documentary film made in 1956 about the last ice flood in Hungary. The main characters are not the tommies filling sandbags on the levee, but real weapons. In this case “fighting the flood” means literally fighting. A bomb squad is laying mines on the ice beneath the Kossuth Bridge in Budapest, mortar men near the Yugoslavian border are bombing the accumulated ice shield. And since this is far from enough, also bombers of the Hungarian air force attacks the frozen river. This is like a mimic warfare in the Cold War era with real causalities. They say the lock near Tass was not damaged by the ice, but more likely it was destroyed by bombs.