Table of contents

79. Map form 1778 summarizes the history of the Háros Island
78. The two bridges of Ada Kaleh
77. Dissolving - Horsepower in the Danube
76. Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2016" voting
75. Operation Danubian mayfly
74. Hungary's lowest high water mark
73. Heustadlwasser
72. Ghost on the Danube
71. Danubian Island of the year 2015
70. Extreme low water on the Danube 2015
69. Perspective sight of the St. Margaret Island
68. Danubian Notgeld
67. Fotograf nádherných miest - rozhovor s fotografom Martinom Kápostášom
66. Agonia insulei Ada Kaleh
65. Todeskampf von Ada Kaleh
64. The devils bridge in Regensburg
63. Zwei Meere hat der Herzog verbunden
62. Die Deutsche Donau
61. Ostrov Dunaja - 2014
60. Le pietre di Bölcske
59. Revitalization of the Wienfluss
58. Ulmer Schachtel
57. A view on Pressburg
56. Lost Islands of Budapest
55. Disappearing high-water marks in Budapest
54. The third window on the left
53. The second inhabited island on the Danube
52. Between the woods and the water - From Orsova to the bridge of Traian
51. The duck of Linz
50. Makovecz's wooden mushroom at the Vác ferry
49. From zingel to pipefish - Tack diary of the 3rd Joint Danube Survey
48. Almost everything about the Danube
47. The ten largest Hungarian island on the Danube in 1878
46. Between the woods and the water - The cauldrons of Kazan
45. Between the woods and the water - Rose-petal jam of Ada Kaleh
44. Between the woods and the water - Ada Kaleh, the drowned island
43. Wild Szigetköz
42. Danubian mayfly swarming 2013
41. A day with the 3rd Joint Danube Survey
40. Macedonia's way to the Danube
39. Community gardening by the Danube
38. Life on the floodplains of Kismaros
37. 1956 - War against the Danube
36. Rare pictures of the great Danube flood in year 2002
35. 430 meters
34. Pamätné tabule ľadovej povodne z roku 1838 v meste Ostrihom
33. Largest flood on the Danube? 
32. Fish in the tower - The sunken fort of Drencova
31. Lussonium
30. Tunnel under the Danube between Nagymaros and Visegrád
29. The mysterious disappearance of the Great War Island in 1941
28. Like wax on a dead island's face - last drawings of Ada Kaleh
27. Sea of flowers in the Danube bend
26. Farewell, little island!
25. The evanescent Pap Island of Szentendre
24. Most beautiful bridge in the world
23. Count Marsigli and the Danube
22. Erected for the rolling Danuvios...
21. Survivor of the 1838 flood - The horse-apple tree on the Margaret Island
20. City of three rivers - Dreiflüssestadt Passau
19. Fragmentum
18. A Danubian saint - St. John of Nepomuk
17. Roaming the Croatian Danube-bend
16. Lighthouses of the Danube
15. Fallen star of the Danube - the ephemeral Tündér Island
14. Summary of the year 2012


13. Spiritual Danubian landscape, 1941
12. Last spring on Ada Kaleh
11. Wildlife on holiday - Summer on the Rezéti Danube
10. The gothic Zichy chapel of Lórév
9. November morningrise on the Danube
8. The swollen Margaret Island
7. Danubian archipelago on fire - archive pictures of the bombing of Hungary, 1944
6. Geography of Saint Florian
5. Traces of a mighty paleo-Danube in the Altmühl valley
4. Record discharge measured on the Drava!
3. The Danube is blooming!
2. Wild Hungary
1. First of all


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