28 November 2013

The duck of Linz

In the City of Wien, the people still remember the greatest flood along Danube, from Regensburg to the Kingdom of Hungary. They still remember, despite it happened 500 years ago, and the chance it would happen again is very low. In July and August of 1501. the heaviest rainfall hit the forehill region of the Alps in Austria and Germany causing a flood never seen before. North from the Danube basin, along the Elbe and the Oder vast deluge flooded the lands, just like back in Noah’s age.

High water mark collection in Passau (photo: cruises.about.com)

09 November 2013

Makovecz’s wooden mushroom at the Vác ferry

Aunties – like my grandmother used to be – are slowly dying out from our modern world. They used to rebuke without hesitation and fear the young vandals, those who swear, litter and drop their cigarette stubs. They used to notice immediately if a tile was missing from the church’s roof and the y hurried to the vicar to have it replaced. This entry is for the memory of these aunties. I hope one day we will be able to grow up to them from this recent „this is none of my business” mentality.

From zingel to pipefish - Tack diary of the 3rd Joint Danube Survey

We got to the end of September and the Joint Danube Survey 3 was also finished. The researchers have already gone home, the samples have been taken into laboratories and the ships have been navigated into their harbours. Then the work will continue within the four walls and the results are expected by the next year. On the one and a half month voyage new friendships, contributions of knowledge were born and there was a great pleasure for the Donau Inseln was shared in the researchwork. I have been thinking a lot what I should finish this expedition with, and at last I was led to the conclusion that I will end with the results of the concretest and the most spectacular project: the fish. Anyway they are hardly represented on this page, but in the gallery of JDS3 webpage many different types of fish can be seen which got in the boat and I have heard of them mostly from books.