01 October 2019

Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2019" voting

Time has come again to cast your vote for the Danubian Island of the Year. This will be the seventh year we start this contest. As a tradition our readers can nominate their favourite islands, and then it is upon them which two Danubian Island will qualify for the finals. As usual there are 3 islands in the final, the 3rd one is nominated by the Donauinseln blog. The qualifying round ends on the 12th October 2019. On the next day we start the finals which ends on the last day of 2019.

This year you can select from a list of eleven islands, most are located within Hungary, with one exception from Slovakia. The latter is the westernmost island is, located near Mužla, but named after the opposite settlement, the Hungarian Nyergesújfalu. The southernmost island is located near Baja. the smallest is the home of two trees, but bears the name "Egyfás", "the island with one tree". And there is an island in Szentendre which no longer exists; it has become a part of the town for about two hundred years ago.

The two islands with the most votes will qualify to the finals. You will be notified about the winner in the first post of 2020. Here are the nominees in alphabetical order: