10 August 2017

Operation Danubian Mayfly

After four decades, 2012 was the first year to see the Danubian mayfly (Ephoron virgo) swarming above the Danube as an indicator of the significant increase in water quality. Millions of swarming mayflies has been reported in late July and August from many places between Budapest and Tahitótfalu since then every year. They have also been observed on one of the tributaries of the Danube, the Rába. But what is the reason for a nature film, dubbed Operation Mayfly? From what do we need to save them, are they already in danger?  

Since we would recommend to learn the answers from the film in brief the situation is the following: Ephoron virgo usually swarms after dusk, so all sources of artificial light on the river banks is a light-trap for them. Heading for these light sources, the female mayflies are dropping their batch of eggs on the ground instead of the water surface. These eggs will never hatch, so new generation of millions of mayflies will never be born. Lights on bridges is a more serious problem. While mayflies lay their eggs on the asphalt, they are perishing under the vehicles. In Hungary the ecological value of one Ephoron virgo mayfly is 10000 HUF, equivalent of $38USD, it is easy to calculate the ecological loss of the dead mayflies and their eggs. They are working on solving this problem, the Operation Mayfly film is about this struggle. 

So far I have no idea why there are beavers and coypues in this film, if anyone knows please let me know. Operation Mayfly has won the prize for the best document movie in the Ecological values of the Carpathian basin section on the third Internatonal Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő. We would like to take the chance and congratulate for the authors, Filmdzsungel Stúdió and  TZSM productions! 

If the subtitled (please press CC) youtube video is not working, you might find Operation mayfly on the below links:
  • http://teka.filmdzsungel.hu/dunavirag_mentoakcio/
  • http://www.mediaklikk.hu/video/a-dunavirag-mentoakcio-2/
  • https://vimeo.com/ondemand/adunaviragmentoakcio