10 September 2015

Nominate your favourites for the "Danubian Island of the year" voting!

Since the Danubian Islands have no chance to entry themselves, we would like to ask our readers to do this favour for their favourite islands, until the 5th October 2015!

You might go in for the last year's winners, but they will not participate in the final voting. The reason is simple; let others win, and there are many interesting islands on the Danube worthy for learning about them worldwide.

There might be a change in the voting application this year, but the rules will be the same as last year: in the finals the blog's entry will race with the two with the most votes. Last year the Donauinseln blog's entry matched with the will of the voters, that is why the Veránka Island of Érsekcsanád became the third entry. The got the second place in 2014, this year there is a chance to be the first!

The qualifying round will take place between all entries from 5-12th October. The finals will be held from 13th October till 31th December. The results will be published in the last post of the year.  

Please write your entries here below or on our Facebook page as a comment. When nominating your favourite islands, comments for the reason are highly appreciated!

Until this time there were two winners both form Hungary:

2015. ? :)