28 April 2016


Since 1875 there is no flowing Danube water in Vienna's Heustadlwasser.  This was one of the many side-arms of the river now hiding in Prater park. Nowdays it is feeded by precipitation and ground water only. The Viennese river regulation measures has cut it off from the Danube and was mostly filled in with construction waste. The remaining parts can be found near the Ernst Happel stadium, it's lower third is cut through by the Prater's long alley.

Tina Blau: Heustadlwasser, Prater 1877

Despite the always windy weather in Vienna I happen to visit this Danube side arm in a period of calm. The sun has just risen and there was absolutely no wind. The Prater became slowly populated by runners, hikers, cyclists. There was a stillness in the air despite a highway is cutting through the park. These pictures (and the Danube as well) are reflecting this morning atmosphere. 

Plan of the Heustadlwasser in Vienna

If you visit Vienna it is worthy to explore these hidden side arms of the long lost Viennese Danube, reflecting the pre-1875 landscape.