16 October 2012

First of all

After three years I finally made the decision to put my Dunai Szigetek (Islands of the Danube) blog in the hands of a wider audience. We're talking about over 230 posts now, all in hungarian language. Many - but I admit not all - of them may be intresting for non-hungarian people, living on any place of this planet.

What topics can you expect? Most of the posts tell a tale of a specific island of the Danube in a geographic view. Also there are other views like archaeology, history, biology, hidrology, geomorphology, literature, landmarks, conservation, cartography and geology. When I started three years ago, as a side project for my PhD studies, I did not expect all this load of information. Sometimes I just stayed at the library, reading something completely different story about my beloved Danube, than the topic I went there for. Slowly it became clear for me, that this is going to be my "heartwork".

Besides English, I would like to translate and publish my old and new posts in German, and the languages of the Danube catchment area. I would appreciate any help in translation!

Please join me on this trip from the source to the delta, from the ancient riverbeds of Budapest to the lost caverns of the "Donauversickerung", let's find the traces of the 10th century global warming on an archbishop's island, and dive to the sunken turkish island of Ada Kaleh!

You can find the "original" blog on this website: http://dunaiszigetek.blogspot.com

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