26 October 2012

Wild Hungary

I may not be neutral about this nature film, made by Zoltán Török in 2011. In brief this is my favourite of it's kind. If you do not know Hungary yet, well, this is the best way to start!

The number "3" rules this film. There are three main scenes, the famous saline plains of Hortobágy, the beautiful blue lake Balaton, and the flushing green riverine forests of Gemenc. Also there are three main characters, animal "actors" if we may call them like this. An otter, an old couple of white-tailed eagle, and spawning catfish. Besides them we can peek into the lives of turtles, magpie, asps, insects, and game. We dive with them, we fly among them, we gaze with them at the time-lapsing landscapes of flooding rivers, falling snow, and icing waters. Please enjoy these two magnificent trailers!

This movie was also released on DVD, but it is almost impossible to buy it outside Hungary. If you liked it, you may contact the director, Zoltán Török at his official blog:


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