02 June 2013

Largest flood on the Danube?

Today, Sunday, 2nd of June 2013. the gauging station at Passau showed 1085 cm, a higher value than the 2002 flood, but still lower than the 1954 flood (1220 cm). According to the rising trend of the Passau gauging station we are sure that there will be a new record soon. The German Bundeswehr took control of the flood defence in the city, the major declared a state of emergency. In May, the precipitation was 178% of the long-term average rainfall, and the flood alert service forecasts heavy rains for the next days. Preparation is advised for countries along the lower section of the Danube.
Passau, Schaubling tower at flood and average water (source: commons.wikipedia)

In Hungary exactly 3 years ago there was almost the same situation with the Danubian flood. That time only 30 centimeters missed for the new high-water record. Based on the data of the Vác (Hungary, 1679,5 river kilometers) gauging station the highest measured data was recorded on 4th of April, 2006. 767 centimeters. In August, 2002. the flood culminated only 10 centimeters below this level (757 cm). In fact since the turn of the millenium the extreme high-water became more and more frequent.

Data of the Passau gauging station. 2nd June, 2013.

The latest forecasts at Vác gauging station are ominously approaching towards the high-water mark, and the maximum error range had already exceeded this value. It is therefore important to monitor the forecasts in the near future along the Danube. The Hungarian water level forecasts can be found here (data are updated daily):

The Bavarian data can be found here: http://www.hnd.bayern.de/

Vác gauging station forecasts a possible new high-water record

The Donauinseln blog kindly asks its readers to send us pictures of this years Danubian flood, and the culmination as well. The collected images could help us to document this historic flood and on the other hand it might help the professionals of flood alert and defense. You can forward the pictures to our email adress, or you can upload them to our facebook group page!


Please attach the exact date (hours and minutes) and precise location to the submitted images. We would be really thankful if someone could fly above the rive in time of the peak, with a camera in hand!
The flooded Passau, 2nd June, 2013

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