05 October 2015

Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2015" voting

We have fourteen nominated island this year for the qualifying rounds, four more than last year. So there will be a great variety of Danubian islands to select your favourite from. You might find the second and third island from last year's finalists, and what's more, there is the winner on the below picture altogether with a new nominee. Also, we have an island outside Hungary, the famous Liberland.
Last year we had a sum of 436 votes in the qualifying rounds, this year we hope there will be more. Remember, only the first two island qualifies into the finals. There will be anothre island added by the Donauinslen blog. This voting ends midnight, October 12th 2015. The finals will begin next evening!

So here are the nominated islands for 2015, please select your favourite:

The Zebegényi and the Kismarosi Island have been qualified! Congratulations!

The final results as of 2015.10.13. 0:01

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