05 October 2016

Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2016" voting

The time has come for the Danubian Island of the year voting. First time we had no qualifying rounds, but when we introduced the new system 10 islands were nominated in 2014. One year later it was 14 and this year we have a list of 17 Danubian islands. There is a fiction-island and a non-existent island in the list, the first is Senki-szigete (No-mans island) from a novel of Mór Jókai and the second is a former island of Budapest, disappeared in the 1870s. We have last year's second: the Zebegényi Island, two Pap islands (Priest Island) form Szentendre and Dunaújváros. Two islands within the boundries of Baja, a town in southern Hungary, and two not-well-known island from the Ráckevei-Danube (Kulcsár island) and southern Hungary (Gabriella island).

Two years ago we registered 436 votes duing the qualifying rounds, last year it has risen significally: 1716 votes, I hope we will surpass this in 2016. Remember, only the first two island qualifies into the finals. There will be another island added by the Donauinslen blog. This voting ends midnight, October 12th 2016. The finals will begin next evening!

So here are the nominated islands for 2016, please select your favourite:

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