01 October 2017

Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2017" voting

Time has come again to cast your vote for the Danubian Island of the Year. This will be the fifth year we start this contest. As a tradition our readers can nominate, and then decide which two Danubian Island to qualify for the finals. As usual there are 3 islands in the final the 3rd one is nominated by the Donauinseln blog. The qualifying voting ends on the 12th October 2017. On the next day we start the finals which ends on the last day of 2017.

All islands are from the middle section of the Danube, from the Hungarian Gates of Dévény/Devín to the lost island of the Iron Gates. This is because the blog has mostly Hungarian readers and writers.  The Islands are in alphabetical order, and they have Hungarian names. Please check each island on the Hungarian language blog (titles on the right panel).

Please select your favourite Danubian Island (Island/Location):

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