01 October 2021

Qualifying round of the "Danubian Island of the year 2021" voting

Time has come again to cast your vote for the Danubian Island of the Year. This will be the ninth year we start this contest. As a tradition, our readers can nominate their favorite islands, and then it is upon them which two Danubian Islands will qualify for the finals. As usual, there are 3 islands in the final, the 3rd one is nominated by the Donauinseln blog. The qualifying round ends at noon on the 12th of October 2021. On the next day, we start the finals which end on the last day of 2021.

Winner of 2020., the Kerekzátony island at Ráckeve

This year you can choose between seven Hungarian, one Austrian and one Serbo-Croatian island. This latter is interesting because it is contested between Serbia and Croatia, because of the two countries' different views on the Danubian border. I hope you can select your favorite nominee for the finals from the nine islands!

Let me introduce the nominated islands in alphabetical order:

Angyali island, Ráckeve. Position: 47.192922, 18.954102

Holiday island on the Soroksári-Dunan, north of Ráckeve. According to local legends, it got its name from King Matthias I of Hungary, who called it an 'angelic' place when he visited it. 

Csepel island. Position: 47.285565, 18.958673

It is one of the largest islands in the Danube, despite the fact that its eastern branch was closed in 1872. It has 12 municipalities, including one district of Budapest, which covers the northern part of the island. 

Csitri island, Esztergom. Position: 47.762243, 18.688559

It is a small but old island, the second smallest island in the Táti archipelago. Interestingly, 'the little girl' is surrounded on both sides by a tributary of the Danube. 

Dunaréti island, Kismaros. Position: 47.821894, 19.001278

The Dunaréti island near Kismaros no longer exists, it was connected to the coast in the 19th century. It is currently crossed by the Budapest-Szob Eurovelo 6 cycle route. 

Koppánymonostori island, Komárom. Position: 47.753536, 18.036960

Named after Komárom's Koppánymonostor district, this four-part Danube island was long ago connected to the right bank by river regulation but still receives water from an underground tunnel.

Körtvélyes island, Esztergom és Tát. Position: 47.753972, 18.677706

Although the name refers to a grove of woods, the best hay in the area was produced by the reapers of Körtvélyesi Island. The largest member of the Táti group of islands, it is the southern neighbor of the also-nominated Csitri Island. 

Sprud, Zmajevac, HR/Bački Monoštor, SRB. Position: 45.790459, 18.859473

Its name means Sandbar. The island formed from a sandbar is located north of the large island of Siga, known as Liberland, and is disputed by Serbia and Croatia.

Tízfás island, Rácalmás. Position: 47.025152, 18.949327

There is a small island on the Rácalmási Danube, south of the bridge by the harbor, which is threatened not only by beavers but also by people.

Insel Wörth, Hößgang-Neustadt a der Donau, AT. Position: 48.230570, 14.887091

The Strudel, a rocky stretch of the Danube in Upper Austria, was once a sailor's nightmare. Many ships were lost between the island of Wörth and Werfenstein Castle. Eventually, the Ybbs-Persenbeug hydroelectric power station tamed the wild river here.

The results: 

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